I closed my mind and I saw your eyes
And sleep it never came, I hope you did the same
It’s clear to me, the way you see
And how you hold your life with dignity your basic needs and your lack of greed
With passion help inside, sensitivity

I've waited all my life
Passion breeds.......

To read your thoughts supports the awe…
…struck by your classic looks
My hearts an open book
The words you said, they filled my head
And made me realize we quest a similar prize

The goals we share they do compare
We long for one to depend upon

I’ve waited all my life
Compassion never tires

I found new hope in you
Passion breeds desire...

You know you’re my only love (my only love)
My only desire (the one I want)
With passion inside babe
My love won’t grow tired (love won’t grow tired baby)

And now that there’s new hope in you baby (so much new hope)

Passion, it breeds desire