Old Glory

Good morning Old Glory
How you wave in my life
I’m proud to salute you
Hand on heart to show my pride

In the morning when I wake up
And my freedom smiles
I am stronger in your shadow as you fly

And the dream that you symbolize
That so many never will realize
Makes us what and who we are

God bless the ones who serve you
Redeem their sacrifice
Old Glory I pledge allegiance
To the country o’er which you fly

It’s a blessing to be born within your borders
Opportunities are boundless if you try
All for life love and liberty
The eagle flies
Strength and honor
Out of many comes the one

Fortune thrives around you
Wind filled colors lead the way
I am home when I feel you
You’re my country the USA

Good morning Old Glory
Your fields of blue and stars that shine
I swear to uphold you
Coast to coast true beauty lies

Good morning Old Glory
I thank you for a life that’s mine
I stand true when I see you
By the dawns early light