It's Christmas

A cold wind blows
I’m running in the drifting snow
Familiar lights glisten through
Watering eyes
I crossed the miles needing to be here
My faith and hope is keeping my spirit clear
Love has brought me home
The look in your eyes reveals your surprise
It’s Christmas I’m home
With my family
The fire burns bright and you’re by my side
It’s Christmas I’m home there is peace in me
Throughout the years
With laughter and sometimes tears
True Christmas love has magic that carries on
We live our lives forgetting what dreams meant
But Christmas time lets of relive them
Were children once again
Tradition and smiles
With love all the family
It’s Christmas I’m home with my family

The scents fill the air
Wrapped presents everywhere
It’s Christmas I’m home
There is peace in me
Believing keeps the spirit alive
And the miracle lives on
Christmas through a young child’s eyes
Is a vision we long for
Wish making, breathtaking
A dream within is all
Surrounded by love
And blessed from above
It’s Christmas time I’m home
With my family
I’ve got all I need
And I still believe
In Christmas I’m home there is peace in me