I Remember (Barbara's Song)

I remember long nights
Feeling worthless on my own

I remember mornings
I would wake up all alone

I remember how this empty cold house
Made me blue

I remember the first time that our eyes met
I loved you

Just one touch and I knew we’d last forever
I never want to be away from you
You are my love and my best friend
Everyday I fall all over again
I remember just why I love you

Now I love our long nights
Needing nothing, just a view

All our beautiful mornings
You make each day feel brand new

Now this house is a warm home
Full of love babe cause of you

And when im down its your green eyes that can always
cure my blues

Im a better man when youre by my side
I feel as If Im nothing without you
Im the one you can lean on
Ill catch you if you fall
I love you babe cause I remember it all
I remember just why I love you)